"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." --Dr. Seuss

Welcome to 6th Grade Math at GMS!

Click on the Assignments tab to see what your student is doing in their 6th grade Math class. Students are given a weekly assignment packet every Monday that is due on Friday. These problems consist of prior material covered in class as well as current material. Please ask your student about their Math homework. Students are also given a Problem of the Week on Monday that is due on Friday. This is one word problem where they must show all of the problem solving steps: Read, Think, Solve and Justify. When students can explain "why" they got their answer, then we know learning is taking place and the student truly understands. Students will not be allowed to receive 0's or incomplete grades for these assignments. Students will be assigned lunch detention to complete the assignment until the work is completed and turned in.

All math work must be shown to receive credit. Points will be deducted for giving only answers without work. As with any assignment, students are allowed to make corrections on any assignment. Students are awarded half of the points back to raise their grade. No extra credit is given as we learn from our mistakes. Students are required to keep a spiral of vocabulary and notes as well as a math folder of daily focus problems. There are multiple ways for students to raise their grade and earn extra points.

Please email me anytime at kellerc@gladewaterisd.com.